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I just listened to Nicholas Stern’s lecture at LSE on the train on the way home. It’s extremely interesting – have a listen if you haven’t already. Ricardo at XCO2e has posted a text summary here.

A couple of things that rubbed the wrong way:

  1. I find it odd when scientists, agencies, economists, etc base predictions on future population on current rates of growth – assuming 9 billion by 2050. It’s like a strange form of tunnel vision.
  2. While he described the hydrocardon economy as self-destructive, declining output didn’t seem to figure largely in his thinking
  3. How does he imagine we’ll feed such a population without fossil fuel derived fertiliser?

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Recently faced with a consulting job that we couldn’t do in time at Fontenergy, I called Nick Devlin. Nick and I had done a lot of this particular type of work together at XCO2 and I knew he would do a great job.

Nick took on most of the burden. We collaborated online and by phone and within a week I delivered a superb report to the client. In fact it went so well that we’re now discussing formalising the arrangement and jointly developing some tools to allow us to carry out this type of work more efficiently, sharing the work and the profits.

So could small business networks be the future of low carbon consultancy?


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