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Highly efficient homes on Lystrup Network – img from linked report

I was recently given a copy of this fascinating report describing a 2-year study of a district heat network serving 40 highly efficient homes.

Using district heat in this way flies in the face of the prevailing view in the UK, which is that DH is incompatible with low energy housing. In this country we assume that low heat demand in homes means that heat losses from the network will always outweigh useful heat delivered.

But as you’ll see in this post, this view isn’t correct. The Lystrup Danish network serving near-Passivhaus-standard terraced homes has just 17% losses. Achieving this required a very low temperature heat network as well as careful design, commissioning and monitoring of the resulting system.

For engineers and district heat geeks, the report is packed with fabulous nuggets of information, the most interesting of which I’ve pulled out in the following post. If you’re not a DH geek, I imagine you’ve already stopped reading and are now watching Strictly.

Still here? Strap in and let’s GEEK OUT!


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I’ve done a blog post for the CHPA in the run up to the Heat 2014 conference on 5 November. Here’s the intro and link:

Metering and billing (M&B) is often seen as a necessary but rather dull cog in the district heating machine. For many heat network operators, heat metering is nothing more than a tool for ensuring customers are billed for the heat they consume. But it’s far more important than that. Heat metering can be used to monitor network efficiency, which can spell life or death for district heating schemes. Unfortunately, getting this performance data out of heat meters isn’t always easy…

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